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microgreen dill sprouts, radishes, mustard, sunflower, beet

Our Philosophy

Culinary Farmers + Climate Action Advocates

Culinary Farmers

Our origins are in the food industry - we couldn't find the produce

we wanted for our food, so we decided to grow it.

We grow and sell microgreens and mushrooms, serving customers within a 10-mile radius of our urban farm.  The idea behind the business is to feed people fresh, nutrient-dense produce that is locally grown, sustainably made, and with low food mileage.

We have ambitious plans to develop urban farms across the North West and eventually across the country, ensuring that everyone gets fed the best food, the best way possible.  Recent times have highlighted the fragility of our food system, so our goal is to improve this

within our local area and beyond.



Food products should be fresh, wholesome, responsibly made,

and of great importance to us, delivered in an environmentally-friendly way.  Being eco doesn't just mean using compostable packaging (which we do) - how does that product get to your door?  Our products are cycled direct to your doorstep on our tailormade electric tricycle.  

A small urban farm with big ideas

Think global, Eat local

We Have One Planet.
Let's Love It

Point of origin matters, a lot.

Traceability in food is important and when you buy from us you know exactly where your food comes from - and you're welcome to visit our farm, anytime, just drop us a line.

Image by Francesco Gallarotti

Eco Conscious


We take every step to make sure our indoor farm is as kind to the environment, as our produce is kind to your body.


Recycle Repurpose

We love to use recycled materials to produce something new.  Every new plant we grow, has been grown on the bed of reincarnation - the resurrection of a resource put to pasture having already provided a service. But we get a new service in its transformed shape and isn't that a wonderful thing.


Our mushrooms are grown on

waste coffee + waste coffee chaff + recycled wood chips.

Our greens are grown on coco coir, a byproduct of coconuts + hemp mats, a byproduct of industrial hemp, considered one of the most sustainable products on Earth + our homegrown compost, a byproduct of life. 

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